Sanitation Manager - Kent, WA

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Job Description

Position Summary:

Sanitation Manager will manage all the graveyard sanitation crew consisting of 15+ sanitation technicians. Handle employee scheduling, conflict resolution, corrective action, interviewing, etc. The supervisor will communicate regularly with other production facility departments using inter-company email system (Outlook). This hands-on supervisor will also work side by side with the crew which includes the sanitation of floors, walls, production tables and equipment utilizing chemical/industrial cleaning solutions (all have MSDS sheets) dishes, stoves, broilers, mixers, coolers, etc. This position works closely with the supervisor and our QC manager to ensure all USDA and HACCP requirements are met on a nightly basis.

Key Activities:

  • The Sanitation Manager is responsible for compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations; adhering to and administering company policies and procedures to ensure compliance with all Food Safety Policies and procedures while ensuring the plant is in proper sanitary condition.
  • The ability to evaluate facility sanitary conditions visually and analytically, assessing risk based on food safety and prioritizing corrective actions and preventative measures
  • Confers with all management and production personnel on sanitation, quality and HACCP issues, and recommend changes in equipment, plant layout, lighting, ventilation, or work practices to improve sanitation standards and purity of products
  • Implements and maintains food safety and Sanitation industry standard
  • Ensures that employees and managers have the required food safety, sanitation, and occupational safety training
  • Responsible for operations that comply with federal, state, local, and/or company Sanitation and Food Safety policies and regulations
  • Identifies, documents, and implements opportunities for continuous improvement, lean manufacturing, and 5 S programs.
  • Maintains up-to-date status on overall activities of the team, identifying problem areas and taking corrective actions
  • Inspects equipment for conformity to federal and state sanitation laws and plant standards
  • Leads all action that involves or encompasses third party food safety agencies
  • Compiles required reports regarding regular inspections, sanitation violations and steps taken to resolve deficiencies according to third party food safety agencies standards
  • Prepares and coordinates annual chemical training program and SSOP training for Sanitation team members
  • Inspects premises for unsanitary practices and conditions
Required Qualifications:
  • USDA and SQF audits, and understand computer systems.
  • Understand Chemicals and Timecards.
  • Understands scheduled deep cleans and FMLA.
  • Experience with Lean manufacturing and 5S programs preferred.

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Posted: Oct 26, 2018

Type: Full Time

Category: Sanitation SQF HACCP