Safety Officer

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Job Description

Position Summary:


The Safety Officer will be responsible for continuous development of Safety Policies and Procedures as well as effective implantation of these policies.      


Key Activities:

  • Develop and provide technical and administrative direction on all Safety policies and programs which bear critical importance to the organization’s Mission, overall objectives, and the operation of its business.
  • Oversee and enforce compliance with all regulatory and company Safety compliance requirements.
  • Review internal Safety policies and practices to ensure they are current and appropriate; conduct hazard and risk assessment and develop new or, where necessary, make recommendations to senior management to amend Safety policies and procedures.
  • Create a work environment that reflects a commitment to protecting the health and safety of employees, and the environment.
  • Responsible for developing and providing for the training and certification of staff members of the organization in Frist Aid, CPR, Blood Borne Pathogens, the operation of powered industrial trucks, the proper use of and handling of chemicals and hazardous waste, among other Safety training as applicable to their specific job descriptions responsibilities
  • Communicates with and provides training and direction to organization staff to ensure the effective implementation and maintenance of Safety Policies and procedures
  • Provide support and training materials for safety staff and team members.
  • Contribute written submissions or otherwise support Safety communication through newsletters, social media, new employee orientation sessions, and similar.
  • Serve as a resource to the organization for Safety support, supplies, and information.
  • Manage the company’s Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), and Safety Incentive initiatives.
  • Coordinate effectively with Human Resources on leave administration and the corrective action process relative to work-related illnesses and injuries.
  • Collaborate with company leadership to improve operational efficiencies and reduce Health and Safety related risks and costs.
  • Develop and maintain an aggressive accident investigation program, such as thorough investigation of all accidents, identification of root causes, developing effective programs to prevent recurrence, and company-wide communication and education
  • Conducts (or coordinates) on-site Safety reviews and audits all locations to ensure compliance with safe working operations as specified and required by OSHA and company policy and procedure
  • The Safety Officer chairs and guides the activities of the Safety Advisory Committee.
  • Responsible for a thorough analysis of accident rends and for the development and implementation of strategies to effectively resolve actual or perceived safety issues
  • Monitors and ensures compliance with regularly scheduled Safety meetings, facility inspections, and emergency drills at all locations.
  • Creates and maintains a culture reflective of a commitment to an illness and injury-free workplace.
  • Provides regular written and/or oral reports to senior leadership on the Safety program’s successes and challenges.
  • Ensures compliance with environmental, health, and Safety Standards promulgated by local, state, and federal agencies.
  • Maintains OSHA 300 log and other required reports and ensure compliance with required postings.
  • Stay abreast of current and emerging technical and professional aspects of this position.


Required Qualification:


  • Bachelor’s degrees require din risk management, industrial Safety and health, Safety engineering, Safety management, or closely related field.
  • Prefer 10+ years of progressive experience with 5+ years of Safety management.
  • Experience in the interpretation and enactment of Safety standards in OSHA and Workers’ Compensation regulations.
  • Experienced with Safety Management Systems.
  • Professional Certifications including (ASP – Associate Safety Professional / CSP – Certified Safety Professional).
  • Professional knowledge of federal standards (OSHA, EPA, DOT) for the manufacturing environment.
  • Strong computer skills including MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

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Posted: Aug 05, 2021

Type: Full Time

Category: Safety