Production Manager - near Luella, TX

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Job Description

Position Summary:

Production Manager ensure that manufacturing processes run reliably and efficiently. Production Manager will be involved with the planning, coordination and control of manufacturing processes. Production Manager will make sure goods and services are produced efficiently and that the correct amount is produced at the right cost and level of quality.

Key Activities:

  • Supervises and develops a team constantly providing motivation and inspiration to achieve goals.
  • Interviews & hires packaging employees, ensuring they meet SGI standards & federal requirements.
  • Leads management meetings to discuss operational issues and weekly plans.
  • Resolves worker’s problems, complaints and grievances.
  • Determines the production schedules and makes necessary modifications based on customer demands or transportation issues on a daily basis.
  • Manages daily department operations and plans the use of materials & human resources.
  • Works with other managers to implement SGI policies and goals.
  • Evaluates packaging wages as a percentage to sales and continually monitors the total numbers of hours in the work week, eliminating overtime.
  • Calculates the labor and equipment requirements along with production specifications using standard formulas.
  • Facilitates communication between receivers and procurement ensuring the quantity of product received meets quality standards and it corresponds to yield requirements on the pack floor.
  • Oversees the production process and ensures that it is cost effective.
  • Maintains a thorough understanding of the SGI customer mix focusing on order fulfillment and seasonal trends.
  • Responsible for all fresh cut initiatives to maximize throughput and maintain quality standards.
  • Coordinates receiving of raw materials and shipping of final goods.
  • Constantly evaluates materials and indirect costs to ensure lowest COGS as possible.
  • Generates monthly reports to analyze employee productivity, seasonal trends, and efficiency in the packaging department.
  • Monitors the total yield per pound on an aggregate and specific herb basis.
  • Facilitates communication between day shift and night shift.
  • Maintains interaction with marketing, procurement and transportation departments to implement and execute packaging activities.
  • Reviews and consolidates packaging materials to reduce waste and negotiates better prices with suppliers.
  • Facilitates communication between day shift and night shift.
  • Adheres to all safety and food safety requirements.
  • Meets with permanent coordinators on a regular basis to update them on any changes relate to product quality, company policies, and food safety.
  • Meets with product receivers on a regular basis to discuss inventory, product quality, and updates SOP’s for receiving.
  • Monitors product standards and implements quality control programs.
  • Stays up-to-date with HACCP, food safety, and organic certification ensuring the packing facility complies with all audits.
  • Stays up to date with industry technology in equipment, food safety standards & ensures continuous improvement in packaging operation.
  • Reports and is accountable for notifying of observed safety concerns.
  • Ensures that health and safety guidelines are followed
  • Oversees the trace recall program for all fresh cut products & stays up to date with FDA & USDA requirements.
  • Maintains a clean working environment.
Required Qualifications:
  • Bachelor’s degree in operations, business or related field or equivalent experience.
  • Must possess ability to effectively communicate and convey information with others.
  • Knowledge of business management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, human resources, production methods and coordination of people and other resources.
  • Must possess good knowledge of food safety and quality control standards.
  • Knowledge of principles and procedures for personal recruitment, selection, training, compensation and benefits.
  • Ability to motivate, develop, and direct people as they work.
  • Ability to identify the best people for each job.
  • Superior organization and interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent knowledge of company’s products.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Superior math, verbal and computer skills.
  • Ability to use sound judgment and make good decisions.
  • Knowledge of governmental regulations (OSHA, FDA, USDA, etc.).
  • Knowledge of continuous improvement processes.

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