International Logistics Specialist - near Eden Prairie, MN

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Job Description

Position Summary:

This position is primarily responsible for the oversight and management of contracts from trader handoff until load is complete or delivered to customer. This includes working with purchasing and sales traders to provide shipment options, costing, and logistical movement of product supplier to customer. Provide continued support post shipment in the event of issues or delays. Manage all logistic vendor contracts, negotiate pricing, maintain pricing reporting tools, and approve all logistics invoices by performing the following duties.

Key Activities:

  • Core duties and responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.
  • Coordinates product loading, including scheduling loading appointments with cold storage facility, booking refrigerated containers, and arranging container drayage.
  • Checks/responds to e-mails throughout the day. Solves daily problems associated with container loadings i.e. labels, case counts, late truckers, product not available, faulty equipment, etc.
  • Provides support to traders: enters new contracts, provides cost estimates for potential new contracts, assists with country specific requirements, provides shipment time lines, and helps with supplier and customer questions.
  • Determines what services are required for each type of business. i.e. – boxing, freezing, certifying, trucking – dray, trucking - OTR, rail, ocean freight, broker for clearance, additional bonds, or insurance.
  • Works with ocean carriers, cold storage facilities, drayage companies, trucking companies, and third-party inspection agencies to negotiate prices, manage vendor contracts, start and stop services.
  • Maintains an open dialog with vendors regarding projections, price adjustments, and additional types of business. Mitigates any proposed increase in pricing. Reviews market issues and status with directors and request price reductions to match the current market.
  • Communicates rates to both purchasing and sales traders. Provides lane analysis to the trader as needed.
  • Creates and maintains department tools, various freight rate spreadsheets, inventory summary sheets, etc.
  • Works with inventory clerk to ensure inventory accounts are accurate and turning. Gives feedback on weekly inventory report, make corrections, and resolve issues.
  • Attend and report at bi-monthly inventory meetings.
  • Meets regularly with sales reps from steamship lines to evaluate current needs. Works with line reps to help with issues at destination for example; additional free time, clearance issues, and port charges. Mitigates detention, per diem, and demurrage charges.
  • Works out any truck detention charges with cold store/supplier.
  • Approves logistic invoices for each load – purchase invoices, freight invoices, trucking invoices, warehouse invoices, etc. Submits back to accounting for payment or to trader for additional approvals.  Cross check all prices with department rate tools. Holds invoices with discrepancies or in need of mitigation per Company policy.
  • Coordinates and sends out samples.
  • Manages and maintains records for insurance coverage for trucking and warehouses we use on an annual basis, ensures it meets minimum coverage requirements per company policy.
  • Issues claims to suppliers and vendors when issues arise resulting in a financial loss. Manages open claims, communicates claims to purchasing/sales team and accounting department and follow up until resolved.
  • Meets at scheduled intervals with directors to discuss current issues, including rate increases, review department needs, discuss current market issues, plan for upcoming business, and address outstanding issues.
  • Reviews any ledgers that the traders have questions on, answer questions, resolve ledgers issues.
  • Handles invoicing for domestic, Mexico, and Canada customers.
  • Handles claims to vendors for short weights, dead freight, etc.
  • Handles the re-importation of Returned loads as needed      
Required Qualifications:
  • Bachelor's Degree in International Business, Supply Chain Management, or related field.
  • 3-5 years relevant work experience in logistics
  • Experience in working with all levels and styles of management

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