Food Safety and Quality Assurance Manager

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Job Description

Position Summary:

Food Safety and Quality Assurance Manager will be responsible for maintaining product integrity and food safety within the plant.
Key Activities:
  • Maintain product integrity and food safety within the plant.
  • Run quality control area and delegate tasks within the area.
  • Organize and train all people within the quality assurance area.
  • Implement government mandates regarding quality control and food safety in all areas of the plant.
  • Maintain effective communication channels between government and plant officials.
  • Monitor all government regulations, programs, and policies regarding food safety both inside and out of the plant (FSIS, USDA, FDA, etc.).
  • Keep employees focused on HACCP and GMP procedures.
  • Track microbiological trends, sanitation program performance, and product shelf life within plant and communicate results to plant team members and corporate quality assurance.
  • Create and write quality control programs to be implemented plant and company wide.
  • Adhere to specific customer request and specifications in reference to quality of products.
  • Develop and organize different means of evaluating product quality and then develop better ways to produce products.
  • Oversee all raw material claims and product/ingredient receiving.
  • Evaluate sanitation and pest & rodent contractors’ performance to ensure they are completing their jobs in a safe, effective, and professional manner.
  • Prepare, implement and monitor standard operating procedures for each production area in the plant.
  • Constantly review and update product quality control programs.
  • Manage special projects regarding quality and food safety for the plant.
  • Work tasks fluctuate depending on the direction of government officials, plant conditions, and business objectives.
Required Qualification:
  • B.S. in Animal Science, Meat Science, Food Science or related science discipline preferred.
  • College experience beneficial to develop writing skills and animal science knowledge.
  • Minimum 5-7 years of experience in the quality control area.
  • HACCP certification.
  • Knowledge, background, and expertise in pork operations is critical
  • Areas of knowledge must include HACCP, specification adherence to incoming raw materials, brine mixing procedures, trimming, chilling, styling & packaging specs, packaging modified atmosphere characteristics, final box/package configuration, and shelf-life.
  • Supervisory skills; good interpersonal relations; able to handle conflict.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills.

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Posted: Nov 06, 2020

Type: Full Time

Category: Quality Manager Assurance