Director of Operations

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Job Description

Position Summary:

Director of Operations will be responsible for handling all Preload issues on behalf of Preload team and will have as a direct report the Preload Manager and his team of supervisors.  
Key Activities:
  • Responsible for the Preload Process from the point of Zone transfer all the way to when the drivers leave the building.
  • Responsible for the Drivers and Helpers and ensuring that they are following the plan of the Engineering department and driving service.
  • Dotted line responsibility for the Picking process and when you come in at your designated time the Warehouse Mgrs. will enact any orders or directions you give them.
  • The organizational chart direct responsibilities of the Managers will still be to Director of Warehouse but Director of Operations will have management authority over the Warehouses when he comes in to control the Pickers at night.  
  • The Warehouse team in building x, x, x and x come under Director of Operations authority at night.  
  • Operations Supervisor will assist Director of Operations on ensuring that items ae picked and transferred in a timely manner to meet SLA for Preload.
  • Responsible for developing the routes, ensuring the routes are created to reduce cost and quality oriented.
  • Will have the whole current routing team under him as direct reports.
Required Qualification:
  • Adaptability – Our operational environment is changing daily with new obstacles and situations.  
  • The candidate must be calm, cool collected and be able to “roll with the “punches”.
  • Situational Leadership – the person must understand that they must manage to the unique situation and not try a blanket approach.  
  • Professionalism – Our candidate must be able to extoll and show from a leader's perspective the correct way to engage managers, drivers, supervisors and employees.
  • Thick Skinned – The person for this position must not wear emotions on their sleeve.  
  • They must understand not to take job personally as a lot of challenges and obstacles in the position.  
  • Routing – Experience managing and running routing department along with routing experience and Roadnet or Direct Route software experience a plus.  
  • Driver Management – Experience managing a fleet of drivers between 30 to 70 routes.
  • Warehouse Management – Running a team of 3 to 7 supervisors along with Warehouse Management and Routing Management individuals.
  • Process Management/KPI – The individual needs to understand how to manage teams of people by KPI’s along with understanding process management and look at root causes of issues.

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Posted: Oct 06, 2020

Type: Full Time

Category: Operations