Bulk Manager

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Job Description

Position Summary:


Bulk Manager will be responsible for operating AFS and WMS systems and be able to print out and modify batch sizes.


Key Activities:


  • Follow co-packer batching instruction and carry out all measurements with extreme accuracy.
  • Make sure to follow a regular tank sanitation schedule and keep a log of all tank cleanings.
  • All bug lamps and UV lights filters need a regular maintenance schedule and are to be serviced by bulk dept employees.
  • Maintain proper documentation and maintenance records.
  • Operate and maintain Carbon towers and backwash them. Maintain UV sterilization equipment and operate RO system, including all checks.
  • Maintain scales and all meters and keep calibration logs.
  • Teach proper handling and storage of ingredients including resealing and putting away in correct locations.
  • Maintain all bulk ingredient storage areas. Inspect daily for proper storage techniques.
  • Perform ingredient inventories and reconciliation.
  • Order raw materials according to usage and production schedule.
  • Ensure all receiving materials are dated by container.
  • Oversee the batch approval process including all necessary product testing.
  • Write SOP for all bulk functions.
  • Provide proper training for all bulk personnel and educate them on all SOP protocol.
  • Develop and train bulk personnel in recycling and waste removal of bulk waste.
  • Institute and train bulk personnel in chemical handling and maintain proper records.
  • Maintain proper communication between Production dept. and lab QC personnel to keep operation flowing smooth and in a timely manner.
  • Supervise the operation of brewing teas using kettle and sweco.
  • Enforce bulk and plant GMP’s in your area of responsibility.
  • Planting and micro testing of bulk equipment sanitation and cleaning of bulk related equipment.
  • Prepare annual budget for bulk dept.
  • Hiring, discipline and training of bulk employees.
  • Preparation, compiling data and reporting of inventory and co-packer and supplier items
  • Prepare and double check new formulations in conjunction with QC manager.


Required Qualification:


  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent.
  • Advanced degree an advantage.
  • Previous product management or related experience.
  • Quantitative and business analysis skills.
  • Project management skills.
  • Proficient in relevant software applications.

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Posted: Jul 30, 2020

Type: Full Time

Category: Management